Family and Marital Law

family lawA divorce is one of the most stressful and confusing times in a person’s life.

Property, debt, assets, and of course, children are all weighing on a person’s mind during this emotional time and, unfortunately, many times we let our emotions dictate our decisions rather than clear and concise thought. Taylor Law Office is here to assist you during this stressful time with sound legal counsel, mediation and, when necessary, zealous representation in litigation.


The Children

We believe the children must be the central concern during the divorce. No matter how amicable a divorce is it is devastating on the children. Our goal at Taylor Law Office is to shield the children of divorcing parents as much as possible. Our years of experience in family law and mediation have shown us how best to protect the fragile world of children while accomplishing the best possible settlement for our client.


What is Mediation?

“Mediation is a family centered conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party (Mediator) assists the participants to negotiate a consensual and informed settlement.” (Academy of Family Mediators)

Why try Mediation?

Legal issues can only be resolved in two ways: Either the parties agree, or a Judge will decide for them and order compliance. Most people prefer to have a voice in determining the outcome rather than having someone, who does not have to live every day with the decision, order how the parties will live. Mediation equips and assists the parties to resolve their issues in a manner that works best for them.

When does Mediation take place?

After the parties have started a legal process, such as an original divorce, a modification of a divorce decree, an action to establish paternity, custody and/or support, it is beneficial to schedule mediation. The mediation process will identify the issues to be resolved and work toward a resolution of the issues.
Normally, one or two sessions is sufficient to resolve the issue(s) and prepare a written settlement agreement. Mediation can occur in as many sessions as necessary to obtain an agreement between the parties.

Where does Mediation take place?

Mediation can take place in the Mediator’s office, the Justice building, or any other location available and desired by the parties. It is recommended the Mediation takes place in a location with access to the internet.

Who is involved in Mediation?

The only required persons for mediation to take place is both parties and the Mediator. It is optional to have attorneys representing the parties participating. The Mediator is a neutral, third party who helps the participants work toward reaching an agreement, but who does not have any decision-making authority.

Patti Taylor is a registered Family Law Mediator. What that means for you is that conflicts within the family can be brought to resolution with less stress, less harm, and less cost. As a Registered Family Mediator, Patti Taylor can help guide the disputing parties through a process in which the two parties themselves determine the conditions of any settlements reached, rather than accepting something imposed by a judge. Attorneys can be involved, but don’t have to be, and when other attorneys are not involved, the expenses can be considerably less and the process, as a whole, less stressful on everyone, including the children.

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