NewbornWhen a child is born out of wedlock in Indiana, paternity must be established before the Court will enter an order for the financial support of a child, or a father’s right to custody or parenting time with the child. Likewise, if you are the father and want to exercise your parental rights, you must legally establish those rights with proof of paternity.


Paternity Rights

Patti J. Taylor of Taylor Law Office, P.C., works with men and women on both sides of paternity issues to help them protect parental rights. If you are not sure you are the child’s father, you have the right to dispute paternity. If you are the child’s mother and want help establishing the paternity of your child, you have choices about how to legally pursue that issue, including the filing of a paternity suit.

In either case, you may need help from a paternity attorney like Patti J. Taylor. She will explain your rights and responsibilities and assist you in examining your legal options. Attorney Taylor will also help you complete and file any paperwork required to accomplish your goals and represent you in any legal matters.

Establishing Paternity

As a father, establishing proof of paternity in Indiana can be accomplished when you complete and sign an Affidavit of Paternity form, which is available from the hospital where the child was born or Taylor Law Office, P.C., can prepare one for you. Signing this form assumes that you, as the father, have no doubts regarding your paternity. When you sign a paternity Affidavit, you become the child’s legal father.

Genetic Testing

With the advent of genetic testing, establishing proof of fatherhood has become relatively simple. However, both parents have legal rights regarding the administration of paternity testing and the responsibilities that follow proof of paternity.


For help protecting your legal rights in paternity disputes, contact the Taylor Law Office, P.C., to arrange for an initial consultation and evaluation of your case.


Contact Taylor Law Office, P.C., to arrange for an initial consultation, during which they will evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options.


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