Child Support

If divorce is a stressful time for adults, consider the difficulties that children experience when their parents choose to end the marital relationship. Sometimes parents are so involved in their own challenges that they may lose sight of what is best for their children.


Concern for the Welfare of Children

Patti J. Taylor, Attorney, is dedicated to serving the best interests of children.  Attorney Taylor has assisted many families in finding fair and equitable solutions for the benefit of minors.

In addition to providing a residence for their children, both parents have a duty to provide for the needs of their children, including but not limited to food, clothing health care and education.  This also includes the cost of day care, if necessary, in order to earn an income.


Beyond Child Support Guidelines

Although Indiana has established child support guidelines, Taylor Law Office, P.C., will work to find innovative ways to provide for children that account for the financial obligations and time requirements of parents. This requires some give and take from both parents, but issues can be litigated if negotiation fails.

In addition, child support involves more than money, food, clothing, health care, education and college expenses. Both parents also have a responsibility to foster positive relationships with their children. This means both parents should spend meaningful time with children and shield them from any parental animosities that might exist.

Knowledgeable Legal Assistance

Attorney Taylor will represent you when the welfare of your children is at stake. Contact Taylor Law Office, P.C., for experienced, efficient legal assistance with child support issues. They will arrange for an initial appointment to discuss your concerns.


Contact Taylor Law Office, P.C., to arrange for an initial consultation, during which they will evaluate your case and advise you of your legal options.


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