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We Can Help.

You are most likely looking for an attorney to help you navigate through an uncertain time or event of your life – or prepare for one.

Divorce, Death, Estates, Securing Social Security Insurance, Purchasing or Selling Real Estate, and a myriad of other events can cause uncertainty and stress in our lives. Taylor Law Office is here to help manage the fear and the uncertainty through clear, legal counsel and tenacious representation in the court of law.

Our Commitment to You

As our client, you can be assured of the following:

  • An initial, low cost consultation to clearly explain your rights, your options and the consequences of your decisions
  • An honest assessment of your case in an environment free of pressure or intimidation
  • Prompt replies to your questions and ongoing case updates

Credit cards accepted and payment plans available

Taylor Law office is located at 121 North Washington Street, Warsaw Indiana, 46580